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BP – Tank Construction of 2 tanks – Rotating method


  • Location: BP Europoort
  • Project: Construction of tank 25 & tank 88
  • Duration project
    August 2020 – Sept 2021
    March 2021 – July 2022
  • Volume: €5,3 mio
  • Scope
    • Engineering
    • Civil works
    • Tank Construction
    • Mechanical works
    • Coating works
    • Managing subcontractors

For the construction of tank 25 and tank 88 BP has chosen for our innovative rotating method. 

Tank 25 has a diameter of 39,6m and a height of 16,5m. Tank 88 has a diameter of 34,1m and a height of 17m.

One of the reasons BP chooses to work with Verwater is because we can provide all the necessary services in and around the tankpit, such as Civil, Tank Construction, Coating, Mechanical. Because we handle all services and coordinate the subcontractors we can unburden our clients by having only one focal point of contact.