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Exolum Amsterdam – Construction new tank

Exolum Amsterdam

  • Location: Exolum Amsterdam
  • Project: Tank Construction T-501
  • Duration project: Sept 2019 – Aug 2020
  • Volume: €1,5 mio
  • Scope
    • Engineering
    • Civil works
    • Tank Construction
    • Coating works
    • Managing subcontractors

In 2019 we introduced a new rotating construction method for the construction of tanks: a welding technique where the tank rotates around the welding installation instead of the other way around. This lets the welder work faster: he does not have to move. The result? Lower costs and a shorter lead-time. Exolum was the first client to built their tank according to the new rotating method.
Arjen Schneiders (Managing Director Exolum Amsterdam): ‘The new method of rotating construction that Verwater introduced here has benefitted us in several ways. For example, lower costs and a shorter lead-time. That puts our new tank on the market sooner.’