EVOS Amsterdam East

Maintenance Works TP2 and TP3

 Location: Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Type: Tank Terminal

Contract: 2018 - Present

Total Tank Maintenance

  • Tank Maintenance
  • Civil
  • Coating
  • Piping & Mechanical
  • Engineering

Verwater has been a trusted partner of Evos Amsterdam East since 2018, overseeing the maintenance of approximately 40-50 tanks. Through our Total Tank Maintenance Program, we maintain a steadfast and enduring presence on-site with a seasoned team responsible for tank maintenance, civil work, coating, piping, mechanical tasks, engineering, and subcontractor coordination.

Since 2018, a strong collaborative relationship has been cultivated with the Evos team and management, characterized by partnership and mutual trust. Downtimes have been minimized while retaining flexibility for any changes in scope. A comprehensive price catalogue has been established to uphold pricing consistency and budget adherence. Quality control efforts have been streamlined, mitigating the need for extensive external quality control expenses, and there has been a notable enhancement in health, safety, and environmental performance.

We firmly believe that the success of this partnership is underpinned by maintaining a dedicated on-site team with designated key personnel throughout the project's duration, fostering close cooperation, and involving the contractor from the project's early stages.