EVOS Terneuzen

Construction of two cuptanks

 Location: EVOS Terneuzen

Project: Construction of two cuptanks

Duration project: 2021 - 2022

Volume: €7,35 mio


  • Engineering
  • Civil works
  • Tank Construction
  • Insulation works
  • Coating works
  • Managing subcontractors

Verwater built two cup tanks at Evos Terneuzen with a capacity of respectively 22 000 m 3 and 5 000 m 3. A cup tank consists of two stacked tanks with the lower tank collecting any retention. Starting with the civil works a concrete foundation is made, When constructing the tank we start with the roof and the top of the tank, weld on the roof plates, then jack up the tank and continue the construction using this method. In this way we exclude the risk of tankshell damage due to wind. We also weld in a rotating manner. This means that the welder does not go around the tank, but the tank rotates in front of the welder. This gives us a superior welding quality and little or no rework is needed. The works also includes applying insulation, a drain, foam and cooling system and coating.