Koole Terminals

Maintenance Works

 Location: Botlek , Pernis, Amsterdam & Zaandam, The Netherlands

Type: Tank Terminal

Contract: 2015 - Present

Total Tank Maintenance

  • Tank Maintenance
  • Civil
  • Coating
  • Piping & Mechanical
  • Engineering

Verwater's collaboration with Koole Tank Terminals has been a strong partnership since 2015. As part of Koole's Total Tank Maintenance Program, we have established ourselves as a reliable and committed presence at Koole sites. Our dedicated site team, composed of highly skilled professionals, oversees a wide range of tasks including tank maintenance, civil works, coating, piping, mechanical services, engineering solutions, and coordination of subcontractors. This cohesive effort ensures the smooth operation and longevity of the facilities, reflecting our shared commitment to excellence and reliability in the industry.