Shell Denmark

Tank Maintenance: Jacking & Relocation

 Location: Shell Fredericia

Completion time: 11 Months

Completion date: September 2019


  • Tank jacking
  • Relocation with SPMT’s
  • Replacement bottom
  • Civil works
  • Coating works
  • Project Management

Throughout this project, Verwater assumed full responsibility for project management. Initially, the tank was raised using jacks and subsequently moved to a temporary foundation using Self-Propelled Modular Transporters (SPMTs). Following the tank's placement on the temporary foundation, the bottom section was replaced with a new one. The existing foundation and soil were excavated and reconstructed before relocating the tank to its new foundation. Subsequent to the hydrotest, the tank's bottom underwent gritblasting and received internal coating up to 1 meter on the lower ring of the wall.