Well prepared, controlled and professionally executed”

Shell Pernis, client of Verwater

Shell Pernis

Construction and relocation of tank

 Location: Shell Pernis

Project: Construction and relocation of tank

Duration project: February 2019 - February 2020

Volume€3 mio


  • Engineering
  • Tank Construction
  • Civil works
  • Relocation of tank
  • Mechanical works
  • Coating

Upon the demolition of the old tank, the existing tank pad underwent renovation. Concurrently, a temporary pad was constructed adjacent to the existing one. The new tank was assembled using the stacking method and coated on this temporary pad. To facilitate the transfer of the prefabricated tank to the existing pad, the tank was elevated through jacking. Subsequently, three rails were laid between the prefabricated location and the existing tank pad. The relocation occurred in two phases, with the tank being paused midway to adjust the rails and navigate around existing obstacles using repacking and jacking wood to bridge height variances. Trolleys were then positioned under the tank on the rails to facilitate its movement to its designated position. The client expressed satisfaction with the project execution, commending it as "well prepared, controlled, and professionally executed."