Total Energies Antwerp

Maintenance works

 Location: Antwerp, Belgium

Contract: : Ongoing maintenance contract since 2007

Total Tank Maintenance

  • Tank Maintenance
  • Civil
  • Coating
  • Piping & Mechanical
  • Engineering
  • Supervising: insulation, scaffolding and firewatch

Verwater has been in partnership with Total since 2007, specifically serving as the general maintenance partner for TotalEnergies Antwerp since 2012. The maintenance contract between TotalEnergies and Verwater was recently renewed in 2021. TotalEnergies highlighted Verwater's transparency and approach as key factors in the decision to continue the partnership. A significant reason for the continuation was that all maintenance contractors operate under Verwater's oversight. By entrusting Verwater with "the key," downtime is reduced, enabling TotalEnergies to execute projects 20 to 25 percent faster. Under the contract, Verwater holds ultimate responsibility for a wide range of maintenance tasks including tank maintenance, civil and mechanical work, piping, coating, insulation, scaffolding, and fire monitoring.