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Verwater Stories
Bjorn Bleyenbergh   Testimonial

I have learned a lot over the past ten years from my experiences with clients in Belgium, the Netherlands, France and Singapore. Thanks to the different projects, I have become an expert in my field and have had the opportunity to gain important knowledge! It is incredibly instructive to work with so many different clients and companies. This is especially true in the areas of safety and quality, where I have been able to build knowledge of best practices in our industry over the years. Every day is different and I love that challenge.

Bjorn Bleyenbergh

Supervisor piping, tank maintenance and jacking 

Paco Spruijt   Testimonial

I have been working for Verwater for almost 10 years and we went from a traditional contractor to a full service provider. This allowed me to continue to develop and grow quite a bit in my work. You can count on personal and professional development at Verwater.

We support the customer right from the start to ensure an optimal result and the rule is: a deal is a deal.

Paco Spruijt

Foreman civil and jacking

Baris Ersoy   Testimonial

It is inspiring to see that Verwater leaves nothing to chance when it comes to quality and safety, every detail is worked out. We are a close-knit company with highly skilled employees and are always ready for a challenging project. This is the ideal workplace for a perfectionist like me, who always wants the best.

Baris Ersoy

Supervisor, tank construction

Remo Spruijt   Testimonial

I am proud every time we achieve a good result!

At Verwater Protective Coating, it is always a beautiful and exciting moment for me when we partner with other companies and work together so efficiently that we can actually function as one team. I am proud every time we achieve a good result and meet the client's quality standard! Verwater helps in my development, to always get better and that keeps me sharp and motivated.

Remie Hollemans

Project Manager Verwater Protective Coating