Verwater Tankbouw
Verwater is a highly experienced partner in tank construction projects. 

Tank construction

We accompany our clients from the initial idea to the final completion, whether small or large (crude oil) storage tanks up to 120,000 m3. We also offer support in the design and construction of tank pits and surrounding infrastructure. Verwater builds based on codes such as PED, CODRES, DIN, NEN, API or ASME. We use a unique jacking method that is ideal for construction in confined spaces, minimizing work at height and limiting the influence of external factors due to a partially covered work situation. Using the jacking method, we build tanks with floating roofs and open-top tanks. We have shortened lead times thanks to simultaneous water testing and setting of the structure. We also build small tanks and pressure vessels in our own prefabrication workshop or temporary construction sites, and delivered almost fully operational on site.