24 April 2023

Plastic techniques Verwater Industrial Services North-East

🎉 News at Verwater Industrial Services! 🎉 We are proud to announce that our plastics engineering department is now operational within Verwater Industrial Services North-East. This enables us to serve our customers even better in terms of high-quality and safe chemical storage and transport solutions.

Our products and services are produced according to strict quality and safety regulations and our team is ISO 9001, VCA-P , ISO-14001 and Tüv/DVS certified.

Curious about our specialisms in plastic pipe systems, tanks and baths, extraction systems and more? Feel free to contact us for more information (sales.visno@verwater.com)!

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06 May 2024

Loud Out RDM

Last Thursday, the first five of the ten stainless steel tanks left our prefab shop. This was extensively celebrated with tasty and well-deserved snacks for the entire team that worked extremely hard on these tanks! As soon as the next five are ready, they will be delivered to our valued customer. 

25 Maart 2024

Continuïteit en Samenwerking

Binnen Verwater Industrial Services streven we naar langdurige relaties met onze klanten, waarbij onze projectmanagers en contractmanagers een essentiële rol spelen. Tegelijkertijd erkennen we ook de waarde van onze ervaren collega's die op enig moment toe zijn aan welverdiende rust, zoals VUT of pensioen.