18 June 2023

Safety Summer Event 2023

Jules Heijneman has taken us into the world of Hein and Guus (and that is indeed written in small letters). An intensive program that focuses on our behavior. How do we make the right choices every day, even at the last minute? Why do we sometimes choose an elephant path when we know the rules so well? How do we keep ourselves and each other sharp and alert, in a language that everyone understands? 

Safety belongs to everyone. Everyone should feel free to speak to others about safety. With respect and at equal eye level, regardless of function, position, age, background and nationality. When it comes to safety there is no hierarchy, there simply cannot be any hierarchy, not even between customer and contractor. Then it is about partnership, learning together, building discipline and setting the tone together. Together we encourage an open culture in which addressing and prevention are rewarded. A culture in which there is room for consultation about safety, hearing both sides, and above all: in which people always take center stage. 

And, yes, of course, we wouldn't be Verwater if there wasn't room for a lot of fun afterwards! 😄 So important, in addition to working hard and setting the bar high every day, also relaxing with each other. Enjoy the sun, the beach, the food and the music! As a gift for everyone, a beautiful Verwater hoodie for on the road, from home to work, so that everyone recognizes us! 

Oh well, sometimes there's a moment when it's just right! 

Marloes Oude Breuil,

CEO Verwater

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06 May 2024

Loud Out RDM

Last Thursday, the first five of the ten stainless steel tanks left our prefab shop. This was extensively celebrated with tasty and well-deserved snacks for the entire team that worked extremely hard on these tanks! As soon as the next five are ready, they will be delivered to our valued customer. 

25 Maart 2024

Continuïteit en Samenwerking

Binnen Verwater Industrial Services streven we naar langdurige relaties met onze klanten, waarbij onze projectmanagers en contractmanagers een essentiële rol spelen. Tegelijkertijd erkennen we ook de waarde van onze ervaren collega's die op enig moment toe zijn aan welverdiende rust, zoals VUT of pensioen.