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MOT - Partnership for full maintenance program


  • Location: Rotterdam, the Netherlands
  • Storage capacity per tank: 120 000 m³
  • Completion time: 32 weeks per tank
  • Contract: 2007 – present
  • Disciplines:
    Total Tank Maintenance:
    • Tank Maintenance
    • Civil
    • Coating
    • Piping & Mechanical
    • Engineering

MOT is a joint venture between Shell, Exxon, BP, Q8, Zeeland Refinery and Vopak. The terminal is one of the larges crude oil storage facilities in the world with a total capacity of 4.6 mln m3. Since 2007 Verwater has been awarded with the contract for major tank maintenance activities on 39 storage tanks with an average size of 83 meters in diameter and 22 meters in height. MOT and Verwater jointly work together under the MOVE partnership, with the aim is to be beneficial to each other by sharing experience, knowledge, and creating win-win situations.
This partnership has resulted in zero HSE incidents the past years, 58 weeks throughput time reduced to 32 weeks, an expanded scope with a more limited budget, a HOTT of 74% and 3 elaborated joint innovations per year.

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