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Sugar refinery Tienen – Tank Construction Rotating method

Sugar refinery Tienen

  • Location: Sugar refinery Tienen, Belgium
  • Project: Construction of a thick juice 35.000 tons tank
  • Duration project: Jan 2020 – April 2021
  • Volume: €3 mio
  • Scope
    • Engineering
    • Tank Construction
    • Civil works
    • Mechanical works
    • Coating (in- /external)

In 2019 sugar refinery Tiense awarded us to construct a new thick juice storage tank with a cone up roof, an internal diameter of 42.5m, 19.6m high and a capacity of 35.000 tons. At first the tankpit was prepared by excavating and leveling the ground at about 6m so the concrete foundation could be laid. Then the tank was constructed with 6 shell courses by using the rotating method. During the construction of the tank the coating team already started with applying a 3-layer external coating system, meaning a shorter leadtime and cost reducing. For the internal coating of the tank also a 3 layer system was used. Throughout the project Verwater was also responsible for the subcontracting within the SoW. 

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