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Air Liquide –  Skid Construction

Air Liquide

  • Location: Pernis
  • Type: Skid construction (20.30 mtrs)
  • Project completion time: May – November 2016
  • Weight: 23 ton
  • Disciplines:
    • Engineering (basic & detail design)
    • Prefab
    • Coating
    • Electrical & Instrumentation
    • Structural steel
  • Executed and completed in time

Air Liquide has signed a contract to deliver Hydrogen to one of their clients through 2 pipelines at different operating pressures and each with its own metering skid.
Air Liquide commissioned Verwater to engineer and construct two metering skids. A metering skid is a special platform on which various devices and instruments are installed. The metering skid consists of pipelines, filters and other equipment necessary for the metering function of Hydrogen.

With the unique combination of in-house disciplines such as Engineering, Equipment and Structural Steel, Piping, Coating, Electrical and Instrumentation, Verwater was able to execute this project for Air Liquide. After the engineering phase, when the design was approved by Air Liquide, Verwater started with the construction of the metering skid in her own workshop in Oud Gastel. After the construction phase and before the skid was delivered on site for installation Verwater thoroughly tested the metering skid on functional performance and safety.