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BP – Construction and relocation of tank


  • Location: BP Europoort
  • Project: Construction and relocation of tank
  • Duration project: June 2018 – July 2020
  • Volume: €4,3 mio
  • Scope
    • Engineering
    • Civil works
    • Tank Construction
    • Mechanical works
    • Relocation of tank
    • Managing subcontractors

To shorten the lead time of the project, the new tank was built on a temporary foundation, while the old tank was deconstructed and the existing foundation was renovated. After completion of the tank the new tank was relocated with SMPT’s to the original foundation. During this project, Verwater was responsible for the complete tank construction, civil activities such as restoration of the foundation, application of heating coil and mixers, the replacement of the tank to the new foundation, the hydrotest and managing the subcontractors.