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MOT Phase III - Engineering, Procurement & Construction


  • Location: Europoort, The Netherlands
  • Capacity: 360 000 m3
  • Project completion time: 2 years
  • Project completion date: November 2011
  • Volume: € 35 mio
  • Scope:
  • Engineering
  • Civil works
  • Tank Construction
  • Coating
  • Piping works
  • Electrical works

Verwater constructed three tanks with external floating roofs for MOT, each with a capacity of 120.000 m3, including civil and piping works. With this expansion, the total capacity of MOT was increased with 360 000 m3 and currently MOT has a capacity of 4.5 million m3. MOT is a joint venture between BP, ExxonMobil, Kuwait Petroleum, Shell, Total and Vopak. MOT has performed more than 35 an important role in the logistics chain between oil producers and the five Dutch refineries by storing large amounts of crude oil.

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