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Shell Pernis: Construction and relocation of tank

Shell Pernis

  • Location: Shell Pernis
  • Project: Construction and relocation of tank
  • Duration project: Feb 2019 – Feb 2020
  • Volume: €3 mio
  • Scope:
    • Engineering
    • Tank Construction
    • Civil works
    • Relocation of tank
    • Mechanical works
    • Coating

After the demolition of the old tank the existing tank pad was renovated. Simultaneously, a temporary pad was installed next to the existing pad. On this temporary pad the new tank was built (using the stacking method) and coated. In order to be able to move the prefab tank from the temporary pad to the existing pad, the prefab tank was jacked. After the jacking, three rails were laid between the prefab location and the existing tank pad.

The replacement was done in 2 phases. Halfway the route the tank was placed on stops where meanwhile the rails were shifted in order to avoid the existing portals next to the tank. Differences in height were bridged with repack and jacking wood. Subsequently, trolleys were placed on the rails under the tank and the tank was pushed over the rails to its place.

The client complimented us for the execution of this job: “well prepared, controlled and professionally executed”.

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